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You'll be ready to track your Challenge progress within the all-new Challenges widget being added to the proper side of the most menu, also as within the Challenge Menu. The Challenge Menu is where you'll track your Challenges and see the rewards you'll receive. it is also where you'll claim your rewards on all of your completed Challenges, which you will have to try to to once you complete them. Rewards will include customization items, XP, or our new Drops https://www.lolga.com/rocket-league .

Drops are often found as Challenge rewards, and on the free track of Rocket Pass . When opened, Drops award an item that's added to your inventory. they are available in every rarity type starting with Uncommon and grant an item of an equivalent rarity because the Drop or higher (including Black Market items). the things received from Drops are tradable to other players, but the Drops themselves aren't .

After the launch of liberal to play , Challenges and Drops are going to be your primary thanks to earn free items rather than receiving items from leveling up.